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BaoFeng 2pcs BF-F8+ 2nd Generation FM Ham Two-Way Radio Transceiver


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This Radio has been a full Internal Upgrade to the first UV-5R Series. Like the UV-82 Series, it has an Expanded Frequency Range and a Stronger Antenna. Unlike the UV-82 Series, it has a Vfo/Mr Button. The BF-F8+ is the successor to the UV-5R Series. This radio can be programmed with or without a PC and it could also work on private repeater systems. It is a compact, economical HT that includes special VHF receive band from 65 – 108 MHz which includes the regular FM broadcast band. Dual watch and dual reception is supported. You could get up to 128 memories. Other features include: -25 KHz/12.5 KHz Switchable FM Radio (65.0MHz-108.0MHz); -Large LCD Display; Frequency Range: 65-108Mhz (FM Receive Only) 136-174Mhz And 400-520Mhz (TX/Rx); -Channel Number: 128Channel; -Spacing: 2.5/6.25/10/12.5/20/25Khz; -Frequency Stability: +/-2.5Ppm; -Antenna: High Gain Dual Band Antenna; -Antenna Impedance: 50; -Operating Voltage: Dc 7.4V; -Mode Of Operation: Simple Or Semi-Duplex.


  • Frequency Range: 65-108 MHz(Only commercial FM radio reception) VHF: 136-174 MHz(Rx/Tx). UHF: 400-520 MHz(Rx/Tx)
  • Broad (Wide) / Narrowband (Narrow), High power / low (5W/1W), selectable.
  • Selectable Frequency Step/2.5/5/6.25/10/12.5/25 kHz, Function “VOX” (Voice Operated Transmission), “OFFSET” (frequency offset for repeater access).
  • Dual-band handheld transceiver with display function menu on the display “LCD”. Function Busy Channel Lock “BCLO”
  • Helpful Guides and Programming Tips at Miklor.com


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