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BlackVue DR650S-1CH Dashcam w/ 128gb BlackVue MicroSD Card


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Introducing the newest and best single lens dashcam from BlackVue! When you’re ready to stop wasting time and money with the cheap stuff, step up to a dashcam with more features, quality, and reliability than you can shake a stick at! Hailing from South Korea (home of LG and Samsung), BlackVue continually raises the bar with what is possible in a dashcam!

Ever wanted to look at the live video from your dashcam, from anywhere in the world? With BlackVue’s Over-the-Cloud feature, this and more is possible. As long as a WiFi hotspot is present in your vehicle (either built-in such as GM’s OnStar 4G/LTE, or with a mobile hotspot device from any major carrier such as T-Mobile, Sprint, etc), you can use your smartphone to “see” and control your dashcam remotely, no matter where your vehicle is.

Of course, BlackVue’s quality and reliability are well known, only industrial-grade memory cards are used, and high/low temperature tolerant super capacitors (instead of lithium batteries) are utilized for extended lifespan. Can you count on your dashcam when that critical moment happens? With BlackVue, you can!

Brand new in retail packaging. Includes a full 1 year warranty when purchased from an authorized distributor such as The Dashcam Store™ in Austin, Texas.

Feature List:
• Resolution: Full HD 1920x1080p@30FPS
• Sony EXMOR CMOS sensor
• Cloud-capable (when using third-party WiFi hotspot)
• Built-in WiFi hotspot for direct access with your smartphone
• Touchless sensor for quick microphone on/off
• 129 degree viewing angle (front)
• Video file format: .MP4
• Video codec: H.264
• GPS speed and location logging
• Motion Detection
• G-Sensor
• Low-light functionality
• Loop Recording
• Adjustable Exposure
• Audio Recording
• Date Stamp
• Auto Power-Off
• English
• Interfaces: power in
• Playback Software: Windows and Mac


  • The best single-lens cloud-capable dashcam! 2.4mp Sony Exmor image sensor, the DR650S-1CH combines reliability, performance and elegance
  • Although including Wi-Fi, GPS, impact and motion detection as well as Cloud connectivity, the DR650S-1CH attaches to your windshield, tucking elegantly behind the rearview mirror, so as not to obstruct the driver’s field of view
  • Use your own WiFi hotspot to activate the “BlackVue Over the Cloud” remote viewing capabilities, using the BlackVue C app on iPhone or Android for total control
  • GPS receiver built in for automatic speed and position logging to the memory card, prove your vehicle’s speed and location should the need arise
  • Select either the 16, 32, 64, or 128gb industrial-grade BlackVue memory card. The microSD memory cards come pre-installed from BlackVue


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