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The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 4×4 will make your high-current DSP-based effects pedals sound their best. This isolated power supply sports eight completely isolated, filtered, and regulated output sections. Pedal Power 4×4 keeps your pedals quiet and free of the high-frequency noise you tend to get using digital switching power supplies. Up to eight of your power-eating digital effects can be powered. This professional, road-tough box serves up clean, consistent power – even under the questionable AC line conditions you often find onstage. Low noise and great tone can be yours, with the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 4×4.

  • Four 9V isolated high-current 400mA output sections (2 with 12V option) power Strymon, Eventide,Line 6 (excludes M9/M13), Boss Twin, TC Electronic Nova, Moog and moreFour 9V isolated 100mA output sectionsAll outputs compatible with 9V battery operated pedalsLinear regulation and toroidal transformer for lowest possible noiseEasily fits small to large pedal boards and mounts under Pedaltrain productIncludes cables and detachable AC line cordEngineered and handmade in the USA


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