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Xcraft AT2-XP1-002-BK Drone Quadcopter Camcorder Bundle, Black


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The black X Plus One Platinum Quadcopter from xCraft combines the hovering capability of a traditional multi-rotor drone with enhanced velocity to deliver a fast-flying aircraft that can take quality aerial shots at high speeds. To achieve both accurate hovering and enhanced top speed, the X Plus One features an upward-facing wing in lieu of the traditional quadcopter design. This allows the X Plus One to pitch over 90 degrees and fly nose-first at speeds up to 60mph. In addition to its hybrid design, the X Plus One Platinum includes a 3DR Pixhawk autopilot, which enables several autonomous flight modes and features. The Pixhawk is fully integrated into the X Plus One Platinum to allow operation right out of the box. Control of the Pixhawk modes is managed through the Mission Planner software. The X Plus One Platinum is classed as a “ready-to-fly” aircraft, meaning everything you need to get into the air is included: a pre-bound transmitter, battery, and battery charger. A Micro DV camera is also included, so you can document and record all your fast-flying adventures. The X Plus One Platinum’s rechargeable battery yields a flight time of up to 20 minutes, so you’ll get plenty of time in the air.


  • Flight Speeds Up to 60mph
  • Hybrid Design
  • GPS-Enabled Autopilot Functions
  • Micro DV Camera
  • Ready-to-Fly Aircraft