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Zalman Rocks!

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Zalman Rocks!

Just when I didn’t think I could find another company that provides exceptional support for their customers, I did!

Recently I had one of my computer Zalman CPU cooling fan mounting assemblies break and I was having great difficulty locating a replacement, so I sent Zalman Customer Support an email to see if they could provide me the part.  To my surprise, they sent me one in the mail without an invoice!  I emailed them again and told them I would like to pay for the part and their reply can be found below.  Please consider taking a look at some of their fine products on our website by following this link:  Zalman Products or on their website, www.zalman.com.

I really appreciate their help and for providing such outstanding customer support!

This is a copy of the email I received from Zalman customer support:

Hello Don,

Our unofficial policy is to assist customers free of charge if minor accessories are needed. Most of the Zalman customers are awesome, so we save the trouble charging the customers.

Merry Christmas to you as well.


Zalman USA

RMA and Technical Support

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