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Ameritron AL-811 600W HF Amplifier


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Ameritron AL-811 amplifier gives you plenty power to bust thru QRM.

You get a quiet desktop amplifier that’s so compact it’ll slide right into your station — you’ll hardly know its there … until QRM sets in. Conveniently plug it into your nearest 120 VAC outlet — no special wiring needed. Three tough 811A transmitting tubes, extra heavy duty power supply, all HF band coverage, pressurized ventilation, tuned input, dual illuminated meters, adjustable ALC & more.

The first 600 watts make the difference
The AL-811 gives you 600 watts PEP output — that’s nearly 2 full S-units over your barefoot rig. That could mean the difference between hearing, “You’re Q-5 armchair copy” and, “Sorry cant copy you, too much QRM.” Now you wont have to stand aside while the “big guns” steal your DX. You’ll be able to log some of those stations first. Going from 600 watts to the full legal limit gives you less than one S-unit increase. But is that fraction of an S-unit worth the 3 or 4 times more money it’ll cost you? AL-811 gives you a powerful punch at a price that’s easy on your wallet.


  • All band, All mode coverage
  • The Ameritron advantage: Extra heavy duty power supply gives you peak performance year after year
  • Tuned input provides excellent load for any rig
  • Quiet pressurized ventilation keeps your tubes safely cooled
  • Two illuminated meters


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