» » Deluxe Short Shaft Wiring Kit for Gibson Les Paul® – CTS Custom Spec. 525K Pots, .022 716P Orange

Deluxe Short Shaft Wiring Kit for Gibson Les Paul® – CTS Custom Spec. 525K Pots, .022 716P Orange


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This deluxe electronic wiring kit is truly an upgrade for your Les Paul. The kit contains only name brand parts starting with our custom spec’d 525K pots, made by CTS exclusively for The Art Of Tone combined with a pair of 716P Orange Drop capacitors a quality Switchcraft switch and jack finish and genuine Gavitt wire. The kit also includes the wire and instructions you’ll need to do the job right. An investment in this kit is money you’ll definitely be able to hear. Please Note: 1. As a general rule pre-1977 production Les Paul’s, many of the historic reissue Les Paul’s, ES series, PRS and Hamer guitars use short shaft pots. If you are uncertain whether your guitar uses short (3/8 inch;) or long (3/4 inch;) shaft pots, please double check before you order. 2. All parts in this kit use American not metric sizing. If you own an imported guitar (e.g. Japan, China, Mexico, etc.), or Epi the pots, switch and jack in this kit will not fit your guitar without enlarging the openings to 3/8″ diameter. 3. The switchcraft toggle switch comes with a flat nut, depending on the thickness of the body of the guitar (this includes most Les Paul’s), you made need the vintage-style deep nut, which is also included in this kit. 4. To avoid returns on this item please read 1 & 2 again.


  • Four (4) CTS Custom Spec 525K Short Shaft Audio Pots (10% Tolerance). Shaft is fine knurled 24-spline and includes nuts, lock & dress washer. (short shaft pot threaded bushing is 3/8
  • Two (2) 716P Orange Drop .022uf/400v (10% Tolerance) Polypropylene Capacitors
  • One (1) Switchcraft long straight 3-way toggle switch. Cream colored switch tip and deep nut w/nickel finish included
  • One (1) Switchcraft #11, 1/4″ mono jack
  • Five (5) feet vintage-style braided shielded single conductor wire (for wiring switch & jack), approximately one (1) foot of vintage-style 7-strand, pre-tinned, 22 awg black cloth push back wire (for grounding pots) and approximately one (1) foot of 20 awg( buss wire (for grounding switch)