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JHS Pedals The Kilt 2-in-1 Dirt Box/Boost Guitar Effects Pedal


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Through close collaboration with famed guitarist, writer, producer and founding member of the renowned UK band Delirious, JHS Pedals has created a dirt box that could essentially cover all of the sonic territory that StuG needed for both recording and touring. The result: the JHS Kilt.Packing two pedals and tons of versatility into a surprisingly small stompbox, the Kilt is a true 2-in1 Dirt Box/Boost pedal that’ll cater to all of your overdrive, fuzz, distortion and boost needs. The left side of the Kilt was heavily inspired by the original, highly-coveted Expandora, except with some major tweaks that bring this legendary effect to new sonic heights and to a new level usability.At the heart of the left/dirt side is a specifically chosen op-amplifier that offers super low noise, improved slew rate for a smoother structure, and a character that just feels better than the original. There are also 3 mini toggles for the left/dirt side that enhance tweak-ability and options even further. The Cut toggle gives you the ability to cut or boost the low end frequencies. The down position is the stock setting that gives you a significant and very useful bass boost over the original Expandora that lacked greatly in this area. The up position is closer to an original Expandora and thinner, hence the term cut. The G1 and G2 toggles let you select various forms of distortion via select resistance values that switch in and out in the clipping section of the circuit. This method is very different than your normal diode clipping selectors that you commonly see on drive pedals. This gives you multiple configurations and tonal options, helping the Kilt cover light transparent drive all the way to a fat wall of distortion and everything found in between. The controls from left to right for the left/dirt side are Volume , Tone , and Gain. These are pretty self explanatory in the fact that the Volume is the overall master output volume of the drive, the Tone rolls in hig


  • The Kilt is a true 2-in-1 Dirt Box / Boost in a small footprint that packs all the power, range, options, and tones you could ever want.
  • The right/boost side is a JFET boost with an ever so slight amount of grit and presence that helps in boosting solos or slamming the front end of the left/dirt side to achieve even more distorted sounds.
  • You can achieve transparent light tube-like breakup, bluesy overdrive, thick natural distortion, and even over the top fuzz from this one box.
  • The Kilt runs at 9v and has true bypass switching all inside a custom polished aluminum enclosure.
  • The left side is heavily inspired by the original and sought after Expandora, but with some major tweaks that bring this classic effect to a new level of tones and usability.


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