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When inspiration hits, you need the voice to proclaim it. When you need that voice, count on the Keeley Oxblood Overdrive to be your beast of burden.The Keeley Oxblood Overdrive is Keeley’s response to everyone cloning the Mythical Beast pedal. They decided to build an original design, and wanted to build a new circuit that let players blend from perfectly clean to amp-crushing roar with that impossibly huge and focused midrange that makes any guitarStrat, Paul, Telesound incredible.Clean, Distortion, FuzzIts All ThereWith the Keeley Oxblood Overdrive you roll off the Drive Control down and get a perfectly clean sound, you can dial in any amount of distortion and volume to stomp an amp into pure tonal nirvana. The Keeley Oxblood Overdrive offers you two ways to clip and saturate your signal with overtones by selecting carefully chosen diodes. Magical and mythical, monstrous and most satisfying they are indeed.The key to the ultimate overdrive in their opinion is the ability to control six different parameters: Bass response, clipping, tone control, volume, drive and midrange.Bass responsePhat Switch, cuts bass response to give you that classic Screamer or K-like midrange shelving. The bass response when cut is saturated with a hint of 2nd order harmonics. Punchy and full yet not overbearing. It cuts like a buffalo, what can I say?ClippingSometimes there just aint enough gain in the world. Well, not with this beast. The Clipping Switch gives you the ability to sing with near infinite sustain or just stand on your amp like a chief. Get everything from Texas rock to bold pretty boy Strat sounds that make you wanna die.Tone ControlYou need to be able to dial in the highs perfectly or nothing else matters, right? The highs are what makes it ear candy or ice picks. This pedal gives you the range to do whatever you want to do.Volume You have to be able to put the pedal to the metal when

  • Massive tonal rangeSpecially designed circuitryDesigned by Robert Keeley, Craighton Hale and Jack OrmanSturdy housing ready for the road


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