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MFJ-4416C MFJ-4416C Battery Voltage Booster, 12V


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Today`s compact 100-watt HF rigs are designed to operate from about 12-16 volts, with output signal distortion, output power problems, and transceiver reset often occurring when voltage drops below 12 volts.

In the mobile environment, low voltage is caused in two ways:

First – even low resistance DC wiring can result in a noticeable voltage drop. For a 100-watt transceiver with a 20-amp typical current requirement, just 1/10th of an ohm resistance in your DC cable and connectors results in a 2-volt drop!

And second – when you turn your car off, battery voltage drops from around 13.8 volts to close to 12V after a short period of time. Couple this with any voltage drop in the cables, you suddenly have a problem.

MFJ’s Super Battery Booster eliminates low voltage problems by boosting input voltages as low as 9 volts up to desired 13.8 volts at up to 30 amps peak with a typical efficiency of close to 90%.

MFJ-4416C includes Anderson PowerPoleTM connectors and high-current 5-way binding posts for both the DC input and regulated output. An internal 30-amp input fuse protects the unit from excess output current demands.

There are also selectable limits on the minimum voltage that the unit will accept: 9-volts, 10-volts (default), and 11-volts. This protects you from over-discharging a battery and possibly damaging it. Also includes output over-voltage crow-bar protection should regulation be lost.