» » MFJ-986 3KW Roller Tuner, SWR Meter, 1.8-30 MHz

MFJ-986 3KW Roller Tuner, SWR Meter, 1.8-30 MHz


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MFJs innovative Differential-T Tuner uses a differential capacitor that makes tuning easier than ever. It gives minimum SWR at only one setting. Broadband coverage ends constant re-tuning. The MFJ-986 is a rugged roller inductor antenna tuner that handles 3KW PEP SSB amplifier input power (1500 Watts PEP SSB output power). It tunes 1.8 – 30 MHz continuously, including MARS and WARC bands. MFJs exclusive AirCore Roller Inductor gives absolute minimum SWR — something tapped inductors just cant do. 3-digit turns counter plus a spinner knob gives precise inductance control so you can quickly retune your frequency. A lighted peak and average reading Cross-Needle meter shows SWR, forward and reflected power at a single glance! You get 6-position antenna switch that lets you select two coax lines and/or random wires (direct or through tuner), balanced line and external dummy load. The MFJ TrueCurrentBalun for balanced lines minimizes feedline radiation that causes field pattern distortion, TVI and RF in you shack. Ceramic feedthru insulators for balanced lines withstand high voltages and temperatures.

  • MFJ-986 3KW Roller Tuner, SWR Meter, 1.8-30 MHz