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OTC 5713 Tire Bead Seater – 13 Gallon


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The Tire Bead Seater is a 13 gallon air tank with a nozzle and valve connected via a hose assembly. The nozzle can be set on the wheel rim and the valve is actuated to inflate the tire to seat the bead. The tank can be filled through the inlet nipple controlled by a ball valve through a pressure gauge and a safety relief valve. The tank has wheels and an adjustable handle to provide easy maneuvering in either the vertical or horizontal position.


  • Large 13 gallon tank allows for multiple inflations per tank fill.
  • Great for remote use in the field
  • Can be used in vertical or horizontal position
  • Can remotely seat a tire and fill with air at the same time
  • Finger actuated air valve allows for firm grip of both hands


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