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Parrot Disco, our newest fixed-wing drone with 1080p built-in camera and immersive flight experience through our FPV Cockpit glasses and compact Skycontroller 2.


  • Assisted controls and anti-stall autopilot make piloting easier than ever. Parrot Disco takes off and lands by itself, and maintains altitude and flight path autonomously
  • Parrot Disco’s innovative aerodynamic design and high-speed engine enable up to 50 mph speeds and 45 minutes of flight time.
  • Built-in front-nose 1080p camera with 3-axis digital stabilization and 32GB of internal memory.
  • Removable wings with reinforced leading edges and carbon tubes. High-speed engine and 8” foldable propeller
  • Bundle includes our new FPV Cockpit glasses and compact Skycontroller 2


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