» Sennheiser IE80S High Performing Compact In-Ear Headphones

Sennheiser IE80S High Performing Compact In-Ear Headphones


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Combining the best of both worlds – immaculate, inspiring sound quality and the sleek, functional design of a highly professional audio component – the IE80S embodies our continuous striving for pioneering solutions that turn sound into an ever morepowerful and immersive experience. As part of ouraudiophile range it not only considers the high demands of the audiophile clientele, but the wish toown a piece of high technology that is also aesthetically appealing. Achieving this within the restrictions of a very compact design was a challengewe are proud to have mastered.

Evolution youcan hear, feel, and see
Improving something that’s already highly accomplished is an engineer’s supreme discipline. When it comes to highend products like the IE80S, outstanding sound quality lies in the details. So, we worked to get more from every part of it. The housing, the earpieces, and notleast the design and accessories. Together they push the envelope for quality in high-end ear-canalheadphones once again.

Supreme quality in a nutshell
If you develop high-end ear-canal headphones, each component has to be excellent at a verysmall size. Thus, the compact dynamic speaker system of the IE80S delivers a breathtaking soundscape with outstanding sonic accuracy and clarity. TheIE80S was expertly tuned by our perfectionist engineers for the most accomplished acoustic performances in a compact earphone design. Nonetheless, itcomes with a unique tool that allows you to adjust th


  • Evolution you can hear, feel, and see
  • Supreme quality in a nutshell
  • Pure sound, ever closer to your ear
  • High-end mobility
  • Designed to attract and serve


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