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No other pedal sounds more like a real Supro amp than the Supro Drive. This groundbreaking analog pedal re-creates the circuitry of a Supro amp, from end to end, including an actual output transformer. As the Supro sound has gained widespread popular recognition as a pillar of classic rock guitar tone, numerous amp and pedal companies claim to have captured our coveted sound by cloning the original Supro preamp, in stompbox format. They all got it wrong! The real tone of a genuine Supro amp has everything to do with the unique phase inverter design, Class A power amp section and the magnetic saturation that occurs via the old-school transformers found in these vintage tone machines. In short, the iconic sound of a Supro amp being pushed into overdrive has everything to do with the POWER AMP.

  • Emulates a Class-A Supro amp from end to endAchieves magnetic saturation via output transformerSwitchable RICH or BOLD transformer windings selectionExpression pedal control for GAINAccepts standard 2.1mm neg. tip power supplyRuns on 9V battery (included)Pedal size: 12cm x 6.5cm x 6.5cmCurrent Draw below 20mAOriginal circuit design by Thomas Elliott


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