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Thule K-Summit Low Profile Light Truck / SUV Snow Chain, Size K66 (Sold in pairs)


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Product Description
Thule K-Summit XX-Large snow chain is the new, most exclusive and easiest to fit snow chain for SUVs that exceed 4,410 pounds. No components to keep mounted on the wheel over winter: just install the K-Summit whenever needed. Innovative design complements the latest car models. Color-coded parts allow for easy installation. Features zero clearance: K-Summit family offers 0 millimeter internal clearance and is the perfect solution for vehicles that have space problems between the wheel and its inner side (behind the tire). Suitable for most passenger vehicles – 0 millimeter clearance behind the wheel. The exclusive ratchet system permits an effortless installation – just one hand required. Ergonomically designed installation handle, just one movement, with one hand. Exclusive steel tensioning springs, decreasing dynamic elevation and enabling perfect fitting on several tire sizes. It features high resistance plastic plates hardened with the injection of steel studs for increased traction, five, foldable arms that collapse for easy storage in the included bag and welded bars providing higher grip and performance on ice and snow. Exclusive 3-step mounting system: Step one: put two of the plastic plates over the tire and adjust the chain laying on the upper tire tread. Step two: attach the chain to one of the wheel’s nut/bolt. Step three: activate ratchet system to make the chain progress toward the rim. The chain will slip automatically on the tire with the wheel rotation. The packaging is exclusive, stylish, hard-sided packaging, complete with gloves, kneeling mat, mounting instructions and spare parts.

When the winter comes, Thule has the snow chains that get you there safely, easily and in style. Thule, known worldwide as a manufacturer of highly innovative automotive racks and accessories, is proud to offer the new K-Summit–their most advanced consumer snow chain. The K-Summit has been specially designed to fit a wide variety of passenger tires, and can even be safely used on vehicles with limited wheel clearance. Tested in the Italian Alps, this line of snow chains is surefooted, safe and remarkably easy to install and remove. To make sure you find the right chains for your tires, check the Thule K- Summit Snow Chain Fitment Guide and find your tire size.

Low-profile design will not harm components.

Easy 3-step installation:
1. Lay the chain on the tread pattern.
2. Attach the chain to one lug nut or bolt.
3. Activate the ratchet system, and you’re off.

Superior Engineering and Design
Thule snow chains are hand-made in Italy and are constructed of durable, hardened Manganese Nickel Alloy Steel. This type of steel has a tight molecular structure that provides added strength in cold conditions. The K-Summit features reduced-clearance, D-shaped links that provide exceptional traction and guarantee long product life. All chain components are meticulously tested and measured to ensure an exact fit that will not damage critical wheel components. K-Summit snow chains utilize a steel spring system that automatically adjusts itself for a perfect fit, even through varying degrees of tire wear. Aerospace plastic plates, zinc-plated steel pins and hardened metal-core rivets have been used throughout the chain to provide maximum durability and safety. Additionally, the color-coded assembly points make mounting easy in all lighting conditions.

Thule K-Summit – The Chain That Goes Where Others Can’t
Thule has specially designed the K-Summit to fit a wide variety of passenger tires and wheel applications. Not only are they well-suited to standard passenger vehicles, they also fit specialty and customized vehicles that have very tight wheel tolerances. Its components have been constructed to provide excellent snow and ice traction, all while keeping mechanical components, electronic devices and the vehicle’s body free from chain interference or damage. K-Summit chains are easy to install and don’t require any components to be permanently mounted on the wheel during winter months. The quick, 3-step process minimizes the amount of time you’re exposed to the elements. To install the chain, simply lay two of the traction plates on the tire tread, attach the central unit to one lug nut with the included ergonomic tool, and activate the ratchet system. The chain will automatically self-adjust and tighten as you drive away. High-strength materials and an advanced geometric design keep the chain from slipping off of the tire, even in extreme conditions. K-Summit snow chains include 17mm and 19mm lug nut adapters,and 21mm adapters are available on request.

Tire size location.

How to Choose a Snow Chain that Fits Perfectly
To choose the right snow chain you must follow a few simple criteria. First, check your vehicle’s maintenance or owner’s manual to verify it contains no warnings advising against the fitting of snow chains on your particular vehicle. Once verified, take careful note of the three measurements on the side of the tire. The first number indicates the width, the second gives you the aspect ratio (sidewall height as percentage of width) and the third denotes the diameter of the wheel expressed in inches. Then click on the Thule K-Summit Snow Chain Fitment Guide to choose the most suitable model and size for your vehicle.


  • Backed by Thule’s 5 Year Warranty
  • Superior quality steel allows for smaller gauge which delivers a more comfortable ride
  • Color coded assembly points makes for an effienct install
  • Alloy Wheel Bumpers protect your valuable wheels from damage
  • Self tensioning, self centering install (1 stop for fitting), quick (external) release removal


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