» » TYT TH-UV8000D Ultra-high Output Power 10W Amateur Handheld Transceiver, Dual Band Dual Display Dual

TYT TH-UV8000D Ultra-high Output Power 10W Amateur Handheld Transceiver, Dual Band Dual Display Dual

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Radio Specification:

Frequency Range: 136-174MHz/400-520MHz

Frequency Stability: 2.5PPm

Operating Voltage: DC 7.2V (Rechargeable Li-ion Battery)

Channel No: 128

Antenna: High Gain Antenna

Antenna Impedance: 50Ω

Mode of Operation: Simplex or Semi-duplex

Battery Capacity: 3600mAh


Output Power: ≤10w ≥5w

Modulation Mode: 16kΦF3E/11kΦF3E

Maximum Deviation: <5KHz/<2.5KHz

Adjacent Ch.power: ≤-65dB/≤-60dB

Spurious Radiation: <7μW

Pre-emphasis Characteristics: 6dB

Current: ≤2.8A(10W)≤1.8A(5W)

CTCSS/DCS Deviation: 0.55KHz±0.15Khz 0.4KHz±0.1KHz

Intermediation Sensitivity: 8-12mV

Intermediation Distortion: <5%


RF Sensitivity: -122dBm(12db SINAD)

Audio Power: >0.5W

Audio Distortion: <10%

Blocking: *85dB

Intermediation: *60dB *55dB

Selectivity: *65dB *60dB

Spurious Rejection: *65dB

USB Program Cable Works with BaoFeng handheld Radio: UV-5R/Plus UV-5RA/Plus UV-5RB UV-5RC UV-5RD UV-5RE/Plus BF-888s BF-666s BF-777s etc…

Can be used for system: Windows 98ME/2000/XP/WIN7-32bit/Vista
(Not for 64-bit system)

Package Contains:

2x TH-UV8000D Walkie Talkie Body (Battery included)

2x Charger

2x Adapter

2x High Gain Antenna

2x Antenna

1x USB Program Cable

1x CD

2x Pergear Clean Kit


  • New released by TYT, Dual band, Dual display and Dual standby, you get up to 128 Channels to store.
  • Comes with High Gain Antenna and large capacity of 3600mAh, quite suitable for outdoor activities.
  • Ultra high output power UP to 10W to guatantee a farther and stable communication range.
  • VOX transmitting, TOT, 1750Hz tone, CTCSS/DCS scanning, COMP function, 2 Tone/5 Tone, FM radio function, can store up 25Radio channels, Reverse frequency function.
  • DTMF encoding and decoding, Channe spacing selectable(25/12.5kHz), Remote Kill/Stun/Activate/Revive, Tri-color background light selectable, Non-standard CTCSS/DCS input.


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