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Walkera Scout X4 Carbon RTF FPV3 Edition for GoPro Flight


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Walkera is once again pushing the boundaries of multirotor flight with the new Scout X4, offered in several versions including this FPV1 package. The Scout X4 FPV3 package includes: Scout X4 Quadcopter with retractable landing gear, Charger, 22.2V 5400 mAh Smart LiPo Battery, Devo F12e radio system, Ground station, G-3D Gimbal, and TX5803 Video Transmitter for GoPro. These items combined make the perfect FPV solution. The Scout X4 has a feature rich flight controller. With it you can do automated takeoffs. Circle a way point nose-in with predefined a radius. Fly with ease using with the high accuracy GPS aided flight modes. Enjoy the Hyper IOC (Intelligent Orientation Control) mode, which keeps your heading straight regardless of the aircraft’s orientation. Activate the Return-to-Home function, and your aircraft will return to the takeoff point and land itself! If you lose radio reception, the Return-to-Home function will activate automatically. The included DEVO F12e is a fully functioning RC radio system capable of controlling this, and many other projects and products. With its powerful 2.4GHz 12 channels of control, integrated 5.8GHz video receiver, and large full color LCD display supporting FPV and telemetry data HUD overlay, it will be your go to radio. Large capacity 22.2V 5400mAH lithium-polymer battery has enough power to fly an unloaded Scout X4 for up to 25 minutes! The battery uses LEDs to indicate remaining capacity and low voltage warnings. Use the 5.8GHz transmitter for GoPRO to transmit video. The G-3D gimbal stabilizes the camera and allows you 2 axis controls. The landing gear retracts with the flick of a switch. With the Ground station you gain access to additional flight options including a robust waypoint autopilot system, Direct Flight Control, Follow Me, and many other features.


  • Includes: Scout X4 with Landing Retracts, Devo F12e Radio, LiPo, Charger, G-3D Gimbal, TX5803 Video Tx for GoPro, Ground Station Bluetooth Module
  • Hybrid, can be changed from 4 for to 8 motors
  • Flight time: Up to 25 minutes (unloaded)
  • Flight range: up to 1500 meter
  • Battery: 6cell 22.2V 5400mAh Li-Po


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