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Yaesu Original FTM-100DR 144/430 C4FM Digital / FM Analog Dual Band Transceiver

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The FTM-100DR’s Dot-Matrix Display and Single Receiver design make it the ideal radio for both entry level and advanced Digital Radio enthusiasts. The newly designed and compact front display includes a vibrant and highly visible White-LED backlit display (160×40 Full Dot Matrix) and a bright multi-colored Mode/Status Indicator to visibly and clearly inform the operator of the current state of the transceiver. The multi-colored Mode/Status Indicator on the display faceplate indicates what mode the radio is in by changing from Green (Receive Analog) to Blue (Receive Digital) when receiving a signal. The FTM-100DR utilizes Yaesu’s revolutionary Automatic Mode Select (AMS), as well as a full suite of C4FM Digital and FM Analog features. AMS instantly recognizes whether a transmission is analog or digital and appropriately switches the transceiver operating mode to allow flawless co-existence of both analog and digital communication. In addition to Automatic Mode Select, the FTM-100DR also incorporates a wide range of System Fusion and analog features, making it an ideal communication product that fits every Amateur Radio Operator’s needs. The FTM-100DR transceiver includes the following state of the art features: Smart Navigation, Digital Group Monitor (GM) featuring telemetry data and ID transmission, a full featured 1200/9600bps APRS system, built-in high sensitivity 66 channel GPS with Antenna, GPS logging/recording, microSD card slot (for programming and data storage), and Bluetooth hands-free operation. Quick and easy Firmware updates add value and create a unique operating experience by allowing manufacturer upgrades, modifications and additions to software based radio features at no additional cost.


  • Supplied with*: MH-48A6JA DTMF mic MMB-36 Mobile Bracket SCU-20 PC connection cable DC power cable, mic hanger, and manual
  • Voice FR mode (Voice Full Rate Mode)
  • Data FR mode (High Speed Data Communication Mode)
  • 500 Memory Channels for each A(Main) band and B(Sub) band
  • Frequency Range Receive 108 – 137 MHz (Air Band) 137 – 174 MHz (144 MHz HAM) 174 – 400 MHz (GEN1) 400 – 480 MHz (430 MHz HAM) 480 – 999.99 MHz (GEN2) Cellular Blocked (North American model) Transmitter 144 – 146 MHz or 144 – 148 MHz 430 – 440 MHz or 430 – 450 MHz


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